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My new CD is now available!!!

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After some ten months in the making I am really proud of this album. I would like to Thank Everyone involved who made this happen. It was an honor for me to work with a Great team of talented individuals. Joe Miraglilo, Keith Holden, Greg Galindo, Sean Orr, Jay Coble and Desiree K. Segura. I am Blessed to call you all My Friends.

Special Thanks to my close friend Glenn Sessions my co writer on the title track.

Track Listing:
Scouser In The Room
Unknown Star
Manhattan And Me
Into The Dream
Crazy Like I Like It (Duet with Desree K Segura)
Under Fire
You Shot It Down
Through The Music
Do I Follow You
Out Of The Dark
Little Diamond
Scouser In The Room (Reprise/Acoustic Version)

Scouser In The Room


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